Bring in your Favorite Photos and have them painted on a bench or chair!

Beach sunset Mural snowboard bench

Bring in your Favorite Photos and have them painted on a bench or chair!

This photo is a custom adirondack snowboard mural bench we just did for a customer who came in and wanted to surprise her husband for their 10th anniversary.  She brought in 2 photos from their honeymoon and asked us to work them into a painting on a snowboard bench.  2 weeks later, she was so impressed and thrilled to pick up her surprise gift.  We’re guessing her husband was more than thrilled with this one.  Amazing work from our artists and builders!

Think about impressing your friends, family, colleagues or loved ones with a custom piece.  These types of custom paintings start at $50-100 and go all the way up to $1500-2500 for the more detailed custom pieces.  Whatever your budget is, we can help you out!

Our more popular items for custom paint are ski chairs, wooden adirondack chairs, ski and snowboard benches, and wall art pieces made from skis, snowboards, beetle kill pine, cedar or barn wood.

We also do wine racks from skis, wine barrels, snowboards and wood.  We hand paint shot skis if you have a party coming up that you want to make sure goes off big!   We can also custom paint birdhouses, wall signs, key racks, frames, corn hole boards, rocking chairs and tons more!

Comfort, style, originality and durability.  Our repurposed, upcycled furniture art is sure to impress, no matter who you’re shopping for!  We have all types of customer, all ages, all over the country, from large businesses to everyday people and the rich and famous, we’ve had a huge range of clientele.  Everyone seems to love our work.  We focus on quality, craftsmanship, longevity and stand behind everything we make 100%,

Colorado ski chairs LLC is based in Manitou Springs, CO and employs 8-12 local employee/artisans year round.  We’re busiest in the summer and before the holidays.  Our top sellers are our adirondack ski chairs and rockers, the snowboard benches, the ski cornhole boards, the custom wall art and our signature hand painted shot skis.  When you’re wanting to buy a special gift for any memorable occasion, think Colorado Ski Furiture first!  We’ll work with you to make sure you get the best gift possible!

We can ship or deliver anywhere as well, so don’t be shy if you’re thinking about sending something across the state or across the country, we’ve got you covered and rates are surprisingly affordable now as well!  Our ski chairs are only $49 to ship right now with UPS!  We can send wall flags and shot skis and wine racks and most of our smaller items for under $29 as well.

If you’re into sustainability or recycling or know someone who is, tell them about our business and all we’re doing to save 1,000’s of old skis, poles and snowboards from going into dumpsters and landfills!  We’re really making a difference after 10 years of collecting, we’ve saved 10’s of thousands of pounds of recycled materials from going into landfills.  Send us your old skis!  We’re always happy to get donations as well!

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