Goonies Never Say Die!

The longer you animals bark the colder your lunch gets. Come on, move
it out! (Looks toward the last occupied cell) You too down there.
(Walks down the cellblock) Hey turkey…

Guard walks down to an open cell where the expected inmate has not
emerged. He walks in and discovers that the inmate, Jake Fratelli, has
apparently hung himself. There is a note taped to his chest reading,
“To whom it may concern”. The guard removes it, turns it over and
reads the back.


“You schmuck. Do you really think I’d be stupid enough to kill
myself?” (Repeats last two words to himself in bewilderment) Kill

Jake was alive. He opens his eyes, cocks his head and grins,
assaulting the unsuspecting guard, knocking him out. Jake untangles
himself from his makeshift gallows, removing a pipe assembly from his
beltline which supported his weight.

Scene 2: Exterior Jailhouse

Francis Fratelli, Jake’s brother, is pouring a ring of gasoline around
the front entrance, while their mother, Mama Fratelli, waits anxiously
behind the wheel of their ORV.

Mama F:

Come on!

Francis throws the empty gasoline can in the back of the ORV and then
jumps into the passenger seat, loading a semi-automatic pistol. Jake
hurries down the front steps of the jailhouse in his street clothes.

Mama F:

Here he comes.

Mama starts the car as Jake runs over to the right rear door. It’s


Francis, it’s the lock. (Desperate to open the car door) The lock,


Let go of the handle.


I don’t have the handle. Open the lock!

Mama F:

Jake, up! (Gesturing to the open sunroof)



Mama F:

Come on. Move…


It’s open.

Mama F:

(To Francis) Get down! (To Jake) Come on!


(Climbs head first down through the sunroof) Thanks Mama.

Francis now reaches down through the open passenger side window and
fires into the now gasoline-soaked pavement. A ring of fire flares up
around the entrance, trapping the jail guards who have hastily emerged
looking for Jake. Francis laughs victoriously. Mama Fratelli puts the
car in gear and screeches away. A number of police cars quickly pursue

Scene 3: High School Field
Football and Cheerleading Practice

A pretty, young girl, about sixteen, loads a cassette tape into a
player and starts it. Andrea Carmichael, known to all her friends as
Andi, is the cheerleading captain and is leading her team in practice.


Okay you guys, let’s try the victory pyramid. Okay so…alright…
(She directs the girls as they assemble as the police chase whisks by,
sirens blaring) Let’s work on this next move. We can do it. Next row,
come on, put your arms up, put your arms up… smile…good.
(excitedly) You got it!

Scene 4: Street Corner

The Fratellis race through a red light with several police cars hot on
their tail. A Hispanic woman, Rosalita, nervously hurries across the
street as cars whisk by on both sides of her.

Scene 5: Interior: A House

Clarke Devereux, known to his friends as “Mouth”, is watching an
unrelated police chase on a small television which is turned up too
loud. His father, a plumber, is struggling to make some repairs under
a counter.


Turn that TV off son, I can’t hear myself think.


Yeah right, dad.

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