Shipping Terms

Due to the varied size and shapes of our products, actual shipping costs may vary from cart totals. We make every effort to ship products in the most economical way possible,using Fed Ex Ground, FOB, and even flat rate USPS boxes. Larger items are noted as available for pick up or delivery only, but should you wish to ship a large item, please contact us and we will try to arrange shipping for you. Shipping is offered in the Continental US, for other arrangements please contact us.

 We use high quality cedar, redwood and Beetlekill pine when building all of our furniture pieces. We cut everything in house, run through the router, sander and then stain them all.  We pre drill all the wood before assembly.  You’ll want to restain them 1-2x/year if they’re outside all year or you can even do a heavy coat of polyurethane to help protect the wood as well. That would additionally protect the wood especially at altitude and through the snow season.