Antique | Vintage Snowshoes

$349.00 $209.40

Antique/ Vintage Snowshoes – The Perfect Rustic Chic Wall Decor

Sizes vary a bit, but most are 32-42″ long and 9-12″ wide.

Super popular item!


Antique/ Vintage Snowshoes – The Perfect Rustic Chic Wall Decor. Free Shipping

We can also build you something from your old equipment!  That makes your sentimental moments greet you every time you see your new custom “sentimental” ski chair on your retired gear.  Makes a perfect gift as well for that old skier with a storage area full of dusty, retired gear.

Think on it and give us a call, we’ll make you something awesome and memorable!

Buy local, shop small and take advantage of these beautiful creations to impress your friends, family, clients or loved one with an impressive, memorable Colorado made creation!

We do take special requests and can make anything custom you want. Be creative and don’t be shy! We work a lot with barn wood, skis, snowboards, wine barrels, beetle kill wood, cedar, redwood, Douglas fir and many other mediums to either paint, stain, wood burn, carve or customize any piece to your liking.

Make your space more beautiful, memorable and unique. We can create whatever YOU want for your unique space!

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