Flat Top Golf Club Chair (Green Arms)


Classic adaptation of our ski chair, our Deluxe Golf Club Chair with Putting Green Arms sits just as comfortably and is equally stylish and durable.  Matching Ottomans are optional as well! Looks great everywhere and will easily be a favorite chair in no time.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Comfortable design
  • Water/Weather proof
  • Customizable (see options below)
  • 36″ tall, 33″ deep, and 30″ wide.


This beautifully hand crafted Deluxe Golf Club Chair will add beauty and elegance to any seating area, indoor or outdoors.  Stained Douglas Fir bases ensure beauty and durability for years to come!  This will easily become your favorite furniture piece!

36″ tall, 33″ deep and 28″ wide.

Upgrade your seating today and fall in love with your new quality piece, made in Colorado!

Perfect gifts for any occasion!

Buy local, shop small and take advantage of these beautiful creations to impress your friends, family, clients or loved one with an impressive, memorable Colorado made creation!

We take special requests and can make or paint anything custom you want. Be creative and don’t be shy! We work a lot with barn wood, skis, snowboards, wine barrels, beetle kill wood, cedar, redwood, Douglas fir and many other mediums to either paint, stain, wood burn, carve or customize any piece to your liking.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 33 × 28 in