Original Ski Art Bench


Enjoy this set of beautiful handcrafted furniture containing seating for two! These colorful bench seats will transform your average indoor OR outdoor space into a stylish Colorado display. Bring a piece of unique outdoor vibe home with this hand painted furniture set. 

  • Includes (1) ski bench
  • Handcrafted 
  • Made from repurposed skis
  • Comfortable design
  • Water/Weather proof
  • Customizable (see options below)
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Original ski art, ski bench! Tell us whatever colors you want!

Pick any colors or brands of skis you like!!  What snowboard or ski brands do you like?  You can request whatever you want.  Or if you just want a particular color pattern, just let us know.  Of if you just want to leave out certain colors, we can do that too!  We’re all about custom designs and helping you create exactly what YOU want!   Help us help you create the perfect furniture for your space!  We also do these chairs in all wood, or wine barrels, hockey sticks, golf clubs, cross country skis, snowboards, wake boards, water skis and many other mediums, so don’t limit yourself to the ski idea if you want something else as well!

What a perfect gift for ski lovers & outdoor enthusiasts!  

Set up your perfect fire pit area now!  Colorado Ski Chairs/ Colorado Ski Furniture has an incredibly high customer satisfaction rating as well so buy with confidence and know we’ll make it right for you. We want you as a repeat customer and we want you to tell others about how well we took care of you & your order!  We want you to cherish your Colorado Snowboard Chair and order more!

Local Deliveries available to anywhere in Colorado!

Original ski art, ski bench! Tell us whatever colors you want!  Colorado ski & snowbaord Chairs and benches are super popular, durable, fun and built with quality craftsmanship to last!  Bring your love of Colorado, the mountains, fire pits, stars, s’mores, marshmallow, camping and snowboarding home on your deck, patio or yard.  Get your chill spot dialed in right!