Original from BEAVER CREEK Colorado (Vail Valley) Ski Resort 2-PERSON Powder Coated (any color)


Ski Chairlift Bench.  Beautiful statement piece for any seating area- pick any color you want for powder coating!

Perfect for an afternoon or evening to sit back and relax in.

Repurposed Ski Lift Chairlift Bench

This classic Ski Chairlift Bench stands out and always makes you smile.

Comfortable, stylish & built to last outdoors in the elements.

105″ tall by 25″ deep and 45″ wide roughly, varies slightly per chairlift, they’re all unique.


Powder Coated (any color) Original from BEAVER CREEK Ski Resort 2-PERSON

A perfect way to relax, kick back and relax your troubles away.

The bench has such a peaceful, easy feeling about it as you sit back and let your trouble melt away and let your smile grow as you recall all your best days on the slopes with friends and family!