Ski & Snowboard Patio Dining Chairs with Patio Dining Table – Set of 5

Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $2,595.00.

Set of Five – Four Ski & Snowboard Patio Dining Chairs + patio dining table!

Perfect for a bar, patio table, pub table, high counter top of any kind!

Also great for trade show booths, bouncers, door security, etc..

We also make it in a shorter patio table dining chair size as well!!


Set of Five – Four Ski & Snowboard Patio Dining Chairs + a free patio dining table!

We don’t only want these to be comfortable and stylish but also help you capture your memories of some of your favorite days of skiing.

We can also build them out of your skis as well, or help you find some that are similar to what you and your friends and family had and create chairs or benches for you from that.

It’s really fun doing these memorable, sentimental pieces, they’re very popular made this way as well.

We also have vintage snowboards, gold clubs, hockey sticks, snow shoes, water skis and many more repurposed goods that make really awesome chairs or benches as well, so think about what you’d really love to have and we can build it for you!