Custom Hockey Stick Chair


This original chair style is our first design that continues to to be wildly popular for it’s style, comfort and durability.

We can paint the arms with any color and number or initials you want.

With endless color, style, and brand options, you are guaranteed a custom look to fit your outdoor lifestyle.

It’s the perfect blend of style, comfort, and affordability that will “wow” your guests. Need extra seating? Get a discount when you buy two!

Made of Redwood and Douglas fir, these chairs are all hand painted with oil paints and will last for years!  Very sturdy and high quality.  They measure 45″ tall by 36″ deep and 32″ wide with the binding cupholders.

Sure to be your favorite piece of furniture, order without worries, we warranty all our items 100% for the first year and have extremely high ratings and customer satisfaction.


Hockey Stick Chair! A perfect deck chair setup for any nice deck, patio, outdoor seating area or a comfortable fire pit setup!

Our chairs, benches, rockers & ottomans are all hand made from scratch right here in Colorado from recycled skis, quality lumber and hardware, and lots of love and care!   We’ve grown tremendously in quality and craftsmanship the past 5 years and offer a much higher quality product than we did in our early years.  We make it look easy but our furniture takes a lot of time, attention to detail and many steps to complete and keep our customers happy. Sentimental Hockey Stick Chair- send us you old sticks and we’ll make you a chair!

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service as well.  We work hard to make anything right when any of our customers have a question or concern.  We’re very attentive to any custom requests, specific changes to designs, colors, ski brands or anything else that’s meaningful to you.  Don’t be shy, if you ask, we can most likely pull it off!

Sentimental Hockey Stick Chair- send us you old sticks and we’ll make you a chair!